Friday, May 2, 2008

Wandering Thoughts

I stare off into the trees watching the wind twist them. Trying to decode the message in the rustling leaves. The clouds taking no notice of the secret knowledge being shared. A pale blue sky washing over everything.

The quiet settles me, soothing a mind too busy, too hurried. These soft moments are easily overlooked. Drowned out by the constant stream of modern reality. Incessant white noise cramming itself into us. No time for quiet in our lives. No time for thoughts turned inward. Unexamined lives making unexamined decisions leading to unremarkable fates. Making the motions isn't pantomime it’s all we have.

A world so uneasy with quiet.  Better to mask it with comfortable clamor because the devil you know… Potential is frightening. Difference unsettling. The herd providing security which so many crave.

Yet dancing on the leaves is the raw energy of possibility. Calling out to those willing to take a calm moment to listen to the silence.

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