Friday, May 30, 2008

One sentence to get me started

One of the weird ways my writing works is that a single sentence can spawn an entire post, short story or even novella.  A lot of times this is some of my best writing, filled with an energy fueled by the muse briefly visiting me.  If I keep churning the creative pot these sentences bubble to the surface more often.  When I don't flex my mental muscles they are as common as unicorns.

One of my last posts was spawned from "a towheaded Englishman stuck in our sub-tropic land" which actually came from an un-posted piece I wrote because "my first girlfriend, who was a bit of a fag hag..." popped into my head while showering.

A piece I wrote a while back sprung to fruition from "and then I woke up."  I'm still debating whether or not to put that one up.  I would love for it to be published but have no idea where to submit it.  Hopefully the 1000 word a day challenge will keep the kettle boiling with ideas, making these one sentence wonders a more frequent occurrence. 

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