Saturday, October 11, 2008

For the first time in years

Everything I own is under one roof.  No more storage units, multiple apartments in different states/countries or any other sort of geographically dispersed configuration.  All of our things are now situated in California in one huge pile in the middle of our living room.

Having lived a rather spartan existence for several years now, its shocking to see just how much crap we have still clung to.  Some of it for sentimental reasons, some due to lack of time to sort through it and others we forgot we had.   In the grand scheme of things we really don’t have that many possessions, especially since our furniture is almost nonexistent.  That being said, it’s still a lot when compared to the gypsy way we’ve been living the past 4 years.

The nonstop stress surrounding this coast to coast move has finally drained out of me, leaving me sluggish and weary.  The anticipation of the event along with the bucket of worry that is thrown into any move, had me wound tight for several weeks.  Now there’s nothing left to do but settle in, which thankfully is a low key activity.

Speaking of which, I’ve been here a week and am already digging it.  The weather and a lot of the neighborhoods remind me heavily of Miami, specifically South Beach.  That’s a very cool vibe to have.  Our pad is within walking distance of a metric ass-ton of things to do and/or eat.  Which not only saves on gas, but helps prevent us from becoming corpulent porpoises.  I have some high hopes for this new chapter in our lives.  It’s going to be nice to have a place that feels like home again as opposed to a glorified hotel.