Thursday, May 29, 2008

B-Day Wrap Up

Yesterday went just as well as I had hoped.  Low key, fun and with a couple of nice surprises. 

As per usual, my girl baked an incredible cake.  Not only was it a giant cupcake cake, but there was an assortment of chocolate star cakes all around it, each one filled with candy. 


And here it is after I blew out all the candles.  I truly am one lucky SOB.


My B-day lunch was good with at least one surprise guest, Gimpus Maximus.  Playing catch up with some of them I realized that several people thought I was still in the UK.  My last gig was back in March, but I guess the word hasn't gotten around yet.  Being mostly work colleagues it was a mellow affair.  Thankfully my half of the table was where all the deviants and non-work folks were.  Much more interesting conversations.

Dinner was even better.  Girlie and I went out to McCormick & Schmick's.  Since she had booked the reservation via OpenTable the restaurant was aware of my birthday.   Being our first time to this place we didn't know that they printed the menus twice a day (once for lunch, once for dinner).  What was especially cool about this was that the menus they gave us wished me a happy birthday =)

The meal itself was amazing.  I tried Halibut and Chilean Sea Bass for the first time.  Everything tasted incredible and one of the managers gave us free desert in honor of my day.  Overall the experience was superb.  I'm looking forward to coming back for future date nights with the misses.

As if the day couldn't get any better, my lovely wife gave me one hell of a surprise gift.  Delving deep into my interests she pulled out a left field gift that was 50% awesome and 50% unexpected.  In the very near future I will experience a live performance by THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS!  Yes, being excited about that makes me a super duper mega nerd, but I don't give a shit.  I've been listening to them since I first encountered them in High school and Tiny Toons.  

For those with no idea what I mean by that last comment check out the following:

Particle Man

Istanbul (Not Constantinople)

I had a wonderful day, some twists and a spectacular lady to make it truly memorable. 

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