Saturday, May 10, 2008

Re-Cut Trailers

While chatting with a film student friend of mine we discussed how editing and pacing affect stories.  You can find examples of this in many DVD extras (the "Fight Club" collectors edition is packed with them), behind the scenes footage or alternate takes. They go a long way in showing how simple little changes can completely re-arrange a film. 

You can also find great representations of this in re-cut trailers of classic films.  YouTube is littered with them, but here are some solid entries.


Mary Poppins


A Christmas Story


Now turning family/comedy films into horror is easy, but to pull it off in the other direction takes talent.  Here's my favorite clip of that.


The Shining


There seems to be an entire niche community around re-cutting trailers.  I'm all for folks flexing their creative muscles by taking the known into unknown territory.  Sometimes playing with someone else's work helps spark the creativity in your own.

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Raquel said...

I absolutely LOVE the Mary Poppins one!

It's amazing to see how much something can change when we view it in a different perspective or just get tidbits of the story.