Wednesday, December 24, 2008

YELP – Thai Taste (Charlotte, NC)

This is the best Thai food in Charlotte.  I repeat.  This is the BEST Thai food in Charlotte. Another one of the "secret" restaurants that you need to be told about it's located in the Dilworth area right next to the popular gift store Paper Skyscraper.  The original and best of several locations (Matthews, University) I went there religiously the entire time I lived in CLT. 

As diverse as their menu was, I only sampled three dishes there Pad Thai, Pad Kee Mao and "House Noodles".  The last one being a specialty that's no longer listed on the menu.  The rating system is 1 to 6 stars and you can even order it with no stars for the scared or gastro-intestinally challenged.  For the true “chili head” you can augment the rating system.  Normally, they use crushed Thai peppers in the food which are still hot but don’t capture the true essence of the “heat” and flavor.  When you’re ready for the big leagues make sure to denote “fresh peppers” when giving them your stars.  The flavor difference is immediately noticeable from the very first bite.

For lunch during the week you need to get there by 11:30am or after 1:00pm unless you want to stand in line for a long time.  The place is popular and regularly packed.  They get all the businesses in the area, the residents of the trendy Dilworth neighborhood and a boatload of cops.  For many (like myself) this place is an addiction and you will see many regulars.

I can’t say enough good things about this place.  When I spent most of ‘07 overseas this was one of the first places I hit upon returning to the States.  Even now, all other Thai places I encounter are measured against Thai Taste.  If you spend any time in the Charlotte area you simply MUST try this restaurant out, you will not be disappointed.

*side note* For the truly adventurous you can go past the 6 star rating, but be prepared for “heat” especially when going the “fresh peppers” route.  Also be aware that anything over 10 stars is a personal challenge to the chef and he will guarantee you feel more heat/pain than you ever have in your life.  Enjoy responsibly.

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