Wednesday, December 17, 2008

YELP – Kenny & Ziggy’s Deli (Houston, TX)

The last thing I expected to find in Houston was a little bit of New York.  Going on the suggestion of someone from the client site, I hit up Kenny & Ziggy’s for a late lunch.  Walking in the place is jam packed with NY related memorabilia.  The walls are covered in movie posters (either about NY, set in NY or acted/directed by NYer’s) and Broadway show posters.  A lot of the show posters appeared to be signed by the entire cast.  A nice mix of tables and booths along with your standard issue deli counter.  The menu was MASSIVE in size and selection.  Yiddish was so ingrained into it, that there was a glossary included.  Pickles were waiting for you to nosh on while pouring over the options.

I went with the old stand by, Corn Beef and Pastrami on Rye with some Potato Pierogi.  The monstrously huge thing that came to my table can only technically be considered a sandwich.  Small moon or fully operational space station perhaps, but to call it a sammich would be insulting.  Taking a moment to admire the meat masterpiece, I grabbed the sucker and dug in.  It was a valiant messy effort, but I made it halfway before tossing in the towel.  The leftovers would easily be a dinner later in the week.  The pierogi came in an order of 3.  I had one boiled (never tried that) and two fried.  The fried were delicious and the boiled was interesting.  They all came on a big bowl of fried onion rings with applesauce and sour cream on the side.

The entire lunch was delicious, flavorful and ridiculous in size.  Definitely an unexpected gastronomic treat.  With my Jew-food cravings reignited I’m now on the hunt for a good deli in my hometown.

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