Thursday, December 18, 2008

YELP – Ru San’s (Charlotte, NC)

This place is not only a good sushi joint, but nonstop fun as well.  In the 4 years I lived in CLT this was one of those places I kept coming back to. 

You have a great dollar sushi menu (try the fried garlic maki), allowing you to sample a wide variety of flavors without breaking the bank.  During the week there's a killer buffet that's always mobbed.  Go early or late to avoid the rush.  Even at the end they're still on top of refreshing the buffet.

Dinner there is always good.  If you decide to do a sake-bomb the entire restaurant cheers you on.  The plum sake if delicious if you want a little sweet in your alcohol.  The tempura is great with a light minimally greasy batter.  Green tea ice cream is a perfect finishing move.

The entire staff (even the chefs) is friendly and attentive.  I can't say enough good things about this place.  My girl and I became regulars early on.

The one bad thing about restaurants in Charlotte is that you have to be told about the good ones.  You really can't drive down a road and "stumble" upon it.  Thankfully our Charlotte "connection" let us in on the Ru San's secret when we first moved there.

Fun, relaxed atmosphere.  Delicious food with a huge selection.  Incredible artwork (made by the owner himself) hanging on the walls.  What more do I have to say?  Get your ass over to Ru San's and have a sake-bomb for me ;)

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