Wednesday, June 25, 2008

June is still a pain in my ass

More so than any other month this year, June has been consistently difficult in many ways.  This isn’t the difficulty of a challenging project, but almost like my ability to live a normal life is being stymied.  It feels like death from inertia.  I’m stalled and can’t get going.

My motivation to pursue goals has been sapped from my bones.  Ninety percent of all interactions with my girl end up in misunderstandings or conflict.  Work is work with an extra dose of bleh.  It’s almost as if all my internal wiring is crossed.  Thankfully it will be over soon.  My only concern is that some of this crap spills over into July.  That would really piss me off to no end.

Its even a chore whipping up a dismal little post such as this.  I haven’t had the urge to finish my TMBG concert post or pursue my story ideas or anything.  I read a couple of books, but even that hasn’t sparked any mental juices.  This lull has been professional, personal, mental, physical and spiritual.  Frickin’ jacked from all angles with no relief in sight.

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