Thursday, June 12, 2008

Which thread to pull?

I’ve been playing with a mind mapping application, trying to organize some of the story ideas I have floating around.  They all have a common root with different facets of the theme.  A couple of the ideas are leftovers from previous NaNoWriMo attempts.  Half assembled, barely cooked, but with plenty of potential.  A couple are much older ideas that keep rattling around never getting past the initial concept phase.  Only one is a recent addition to the pile.

I definitely need a point of focus in order to pour all my writing energy into or else 1000 words a day will just collapse on itself.  I’m woefully behind, but I can catch up.  I just need the foundation to build upon.

Which leads me to my current situation.  Staring at a mind map looking at 6 ideas each glistening with possibility.  All enticing yet none really calling my attention.  The one plus is all this pondering is allowing me to enjoy a 9 Lazy 9 album I snagged.  New discovery for me chocked full of the noise I like.

Of course I’m juggling work emails/responsibilities at the same time.  Multi tasking may be the way of the future, but its giving me a wicked case of ADD.

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