Tuesday, June 10, 2008

June has been a rough month

For reasons I still don’t understand, June has been an uphill battle.  All my actions, thoughts and movements feel like they’re being done under water.  Constant friction in everything I do.  Even with a new bed (which is oh so lovely) waking up has become infinitely more difficult.

My word challenge has been going poorly, which is obvious from the chart on the left.  I’m very far away from target.  Posts alone will not help me reach it.  Unless I put my effort toward a novel or novella it will be a lost cause.  Then again it would help if I had an idea for any story, let alone a novel length one.  I tried writing a conversation between characters recently and that was downright painful.

As with any new endeavor you have the initial barriers.  Once I break through these it should be smoother sailing. 

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