Friday, July 11, 2008

There she goes…

June was the month of death by apathy.  July seems to be the explosive change month. 

Pieces I’ve been personally waiting to fall into place, not only fell, but are slamming several layers deep into the Earth’s crust from orbit.  I’m undergoing some intense career related and personal direction changes to say the least.  Getting more of a grip on where I want my life to go, as opposed to just trying to hold onto the bucking bronco.  

Ra’s career has suddenly exploded in the same manner.  Just today I dropped her off at the airport for a two month internship she’ll be doing in Cebu, Philippines.  Yup, the fucking Philippines.  She’ll be working on the set of an ongoing movie in production and post-production capacities.  On top of that, she’ll be working with Fashion TV Asia.  There’s also a film school there where she can partake of classes and workshops on her non production days.  And if that’s not enough, she’ll be training for underwater photo shoots/movie work. Of course this will all occur in tropical weather with lush beaches.  Nope, I’m not jealous in the least.

These are some of the examples of the radical change our lives are undergoing.  Positive, much needed and in the right direction, but very intense with no signs of letting up.  Frankly we thrive on challenge.  If I’m not under pressure then I’m bored.  Ra’s a workhorse to a ridiculous degree.  I honestly believe she could physically give 110%.

We’re all for challenging activity over mind numbing lulls.  This is also the beginning, since other phases of plan “kick ass and take names” haven’t started yet.  All in all, 2008 started with a whimper but is looking to end with one hell of a bang.

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